Tasty delicacies

from our kitchen

The rustic wooden stove and the big bread oven are the traditional centrepieces of our modern kitchen. Here, we prepare with love and often with old, handed-down family recipes Carinthian home-cooking or new creations from a modern, light cuisine. We gladly fulfil your made-to-order culinary requests for special occasions or festivities.


The products we use for our dishes are usually from local suppliers and are of the highest quality. That way, we can offer delicacies with Rosentaler Carnica honey, a hearty snack with products from our own farm and home-made bread. On request, we offer groups our special service of a tailor-made menu with tasty meals according to your demands.



Menus for groups

A home-made digestive

and great chocolate

For generations, our family has produced fine spirits like the pine cone liquor, created with old recipes and in secret art. To this day, we serve the visitors of the "Deutscher Peter" these aromatic spirits, which were already irresistible to carriage drivers in the past.


Our fine spirits tell of the long tradition of refined recipes which have been in use in our kitchen and cellar for centuries. Affectionately wrapped – according to personal taste either in a gun flask, carafe or wooden case – our spirits are the perfect gift or heartfelt souvenir for every occasion.


Since 2007, we have been offering hand-scooped, luxury chocolates which are hand-crafted from our own recipe in a chocolate manufacture. These chocolates are filled with the finest products, like a selection of our fine spirits or the original Carnica honey.

Liquor price list